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Empire Waist Silhouette

B'Dazzle Collection Empire SilhouetteWhen you want a gown that is a little sweet and a little sassy, look for an empire waist silhouette. These dresses feature a waistline that hits just under the bust and then open into a flowing draped, a-line, or fitted skirt. The high placement of the waist enhances small busts and elongates the body, which makes an empire waist gown perfect for petite ladies. This is a go-anywhere style that works well for weddings, prom, and even cocktail parties. Everything Formals has a sweet and sassy empire waist dress that is perfect for any occasion.

  • Hannah S 27726
    Hannah S Cocktail Dress 27726
    ALL29,032.78 ALL26,044.96

  • Hannah S 27807
    Hannah S Cocktail Dress 27807
    ALL25,617.53 ALL23,104.40

  • Hannah S 27831
    Hannah S Cocktail Dress 27831
    ALL25,617.53 ALL23,104.40

  • Hannah S 27832
    Hannah S Cocktail Dress 27832
    ALL33,913.06 ALL30,245.76

  • Hannah S 27833
    Hannah S Cocktail Dress 27833
    ALL47,575.11 ALL42,008.00

  • Cocktail Dress Hannah S 27915
    Hannah S Cocktail Dress 27915
    ALL31,473.44 ALL28,145.36

  • Hannah S 27926
    Hannah S Cocktail Dress 27926
    ALL24,153.55 ALL21,844.16

  • Hannah S 27964
    Hannah S Cocktail Dress 27964
    ALL25,617.53 ALL23,104.40

  • Hannah S 27694
    Hannah S Cocktail Dress Sale 27694
    ALL24,153.55 ALL14,597.78

  • Hannah S 27502
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27502
    ALL14,395.09 ALL11,447.18

  • Hannah S 27505
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27505
    ALL15,858.02 ALL12,497.38

  • Hannah S 27506
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27506
    ALL15,858.02 ALL12,286.29

  • Hannah S 27510
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27510
    ALL16,834.71 ALL12,497.38

  • Hannah S 27514
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27514
    ALL18,298.68 ALL14,597.78

  • Hannah S 27535
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27535
    ALL26,593.16 ALL21,528.05

  • Hannah S 27560
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27560
    ALL19,274.32 ALL14,597.78

  • Hannah S 27563 Cocktail Dress
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27563
    ALL21,713.94 ALL17,748.38

  • Hannah S 27564
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27564
    ALL23,177.91 ALL18,587.49

  • Hannah S 27569
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27569
    ALL24,153.55 ALL19,848.78

  • Hannah S 27577
    Hannah S Sale Cocktail Dress 27577
    ALL20,738.30 ALL15,753.00

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