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gray-little-girls-gown-tiffany-princess.jpgGray is the color of intellect and knowledge. When you incorporate it with silver and shimmering tones in a gray long gown or even a gray cocktail dress, it can give the impression of activity and power. One of the biggest advantages of gray is that it goes with almost anything. You can mix and match it with other colors in shawls, wraps, shoes, and accessories so your outfit can be accented in any way you like. The options you'll have with a gray dress are nearly endless, as almost anything can go with the soft muted tones or shimming silvers you can find in gray dresses.

Every dress featured below is available in a shade of gray, but may be shown in another color..

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW11652
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11652
    $206.76 $178.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW11660
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11660
    $299.69 $258.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Collection TW11669
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11669
    $229.99 $198.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW21533
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW21533
    $253.22 $218.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW21535
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW21535
    $276.45 $238.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW21545
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW21545
    $290.39 $250.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW21547
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW21547
    $253.22 $218.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48310S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 48310S
    $549.70 $478.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48602S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 48602S
    $687.70 $598.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48607S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 48607S
    $526.70 $458.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 76853S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 76853S
    $687.70 $598.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48607S
    Sugar Pageant Dress 48607S
    $526.70 $458.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 76853S
    Sugar Pageant Dress 76853S
    $687.70 $598.00

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