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ivory-little-girls-macduggal-42780s.jpgIvory is very similar to white, but provides a more muted look and feel that's appropriate for nearly any occasion. It's sophisticated and charming, while providing a classic feel that's difficult to get with too many other colors. An ivory long dress can be used for a wedding, a party, or another type of event. There's a sense of purity, innocence, and charm that often goes with an ivory gown. An ivory cocktail dress is designed to be fun, but no matter what size and style of dress you'll look breathtakingly elegant when you wear ivory to your next special occasion.

Every dress featured below is available in a shade of ivory, but may be shown in another color.

  • Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11502
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11502
    $276.45 $238.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW11651
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11651
    $322.92 $278.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW11653
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11653
    $346.15 $298.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW11654
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11654
    $183.53 $158.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW11656
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11656
    $229.99 $198.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Collection TW11665
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11665
    $220.70 $190.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Collection TW11671
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11671
    $255.55 $220.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW21533
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW21533
    $253.22 $218.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48600S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 48600S
    $572.70 $498.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48603S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 48603S
    $802.70 $698.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48606S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 48606S
    $572.70 $498.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 82472S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 82472S
    $578.46 $498.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48600S
    Sugar Pageant Dress 48600S
    $572.70 $498.00

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