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gray-little-girls-gown-tiffany-princess.jpgSilver is an excellent and lively color for a dress. It combines an alluring shimmer with the softness of gray to give off an air of complete and utter elegance. When you see silver, you think of eye-catching beauty and luxurious jewelry. A silver cocktail dress is playful and radiant, yet highly glamorous. There are numerous occasions where you can wear a shade of silver, from a silver gown for your next beauty competition to a silver short dress for fun fashion wear. Winter skin tones get the most benefit from wearing silver, but it's a color that can look great on anyone who chooses the right style and some great accessories to bring everything together.

Every dress featured below is available in a shade of silver, but may be shown in another color.

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW11652
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11652
    $206.76 $178.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW11660
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11660
    $299.69 $258.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Collection TW11669
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW11669
    $229.99 $198.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW21533
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW21533
    $253.22 $218.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW21535
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW21535
    $276.45 $238.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW21545
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW21545
    $290.39 $250.00

  • Lexie Cocktail Dress TW21547
    Lexie Girls Cocktail Dress TW21547
    $253.22 $218.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48310S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 48310S
    $549.70 $478.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48602S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 48602S
    $687.70 $598.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48607S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 48607S
    $526.70 $458.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 76853S
    Sugar Little Girls Pageant Dress 76853S
    $687.70 $598.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48607S
    Sugar Pageant Dress 48607S
    $526.70 $458.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 76853S
    Sugar Pageant Dress 76853S
    $687.70 $598.00

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