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Sugar by MacDuggal

48316s-watermelon-pc.jpgWhen your young lady is ready to win her next crown, she needs a Sugar by MacDuggal Little Girls Dress. This line features ball gown silhouettes that demand attention. Each Sugar by MacDuggal gown features a bejeweled bodice atop a voluminous skirt. Each skirt is crafted with the highest quality tulle and ruffles. With a rainbow of shades to choose from, you are sure to find one you both love. Your pageant princess won't be able to stop smiling when she wears her Sugar by MacDuggal Little Girls Gown.

Mac Duggal logo
  • MacDuggal 4775S
    Sugar Little Girls Sale Pageant Dress 4775S
    $346.15 $263.01

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48161S
    Sugar Little Girls Sale Pageant Dress 48161S
    $618.70 $319.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48316S
    Sugar Pageant Dress 48316S
    $457.70 $398.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48600S
    Sugar Pageant Dress 48600S
    $572.70 $498.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 48607S
    Sugar Pageant Dress 48607S
    $526.70 $458.00

  • MacDuggal Sugar 76853S
    Sugar Pageant Dress 76853S
    $687.70 $598.00

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