Emily M. Height 5'7.5 Bust 33 Waist 27.5 Hips 36.5

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Emily M.
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Emily M.

Emily currently resides in Upstate New York. Even though she has only been with EFMM for less than a year, she has been modeling for almost three years. As a local titleholder in the Miss America Organization, as the first Miss New York for America, and as a model for local designers in Upstate New York, she is well versed on the runway and is comfortable in front of the camera. Before Emily decided to pursue modeling, she regularly performed across the county as an Irish step dancer. Even though she is an engineer, she is willing and able to travel, and has worked many times in New York City. Her dream is to model gowns for one of her favorite designers, Berta. Emily is responsible and reliable, and you can guarantee that she will bring her upbeat and energetic personality to every event.