Client FAQ

Many designers have reached out to Everything Formals Model Management, LLC with a multitude of questions pertaining to working with the Agency and Talent bookings.

Below are some questions that have been frequently asked.  If the question you’re inquiring about is not below, please feel free to email the Agency at

What is the benefit of booking through our agency?

Everything Formals Model Management is an all-inclusive agency that has been specializing in the prom and bridal markets across the country since 2009. EFMM is a niche agency that proudly provides models, setup crew, breakdown crew, bartenders, hair and makeup teams, sales assistants, and showroom assistants to help make all of your events go smoothly.

Booking through Everything Formals Model Management makes your tax life easier as well. Legally, if a Client books a Talent independently the Client must hire the Talent as an employee by IRS requirements or may be subject to fines. This entails a ton of paperwork, Clients' valuable time, and additional money paying taxes. Working with Everything Formals Model Management, LLC the Client only has to write one check and we take care of paying all the Talent.

How much is the Agency fee?

A twenty percent (20%) - twenty-five percent (25%) agency service fee is added to each booking and is included in the negotiated Talent rate unless otherwise noted on your Booking Confirmation.

Do I have to provide lunch for Talent?

Yes, Clients are responsible for meals for all bookings over 6 hours. It is written in the client booking confirmation that the Client must provide either lunch or reimburse the Talent for their meal.

At what point do I start paying overtime?

Overtime begins to accrue 15 minutes after the standard 9-hour workday, which contains a one-hour lunch, specified in the contract.

May I release Talent early?

While the Client has the right to release Talent early, we suggest utilizing Talent for the entire duration of the booking to assist with other showroom needs.

On a three-day booking, am I allowed to book for two days or a half-day?

As stated in the booking confirmation, Everything Formals Model Management, LLC does not do two days or two-and-a-half-day bookings on a three-day booking.

Am I responsible for booking hotels for the market and show events for Talent?

Everything Formals Model Management, LLC provides hotel accommodations for Talent for all major shows and events (World of Prom, VOW, Chicago Bridal Mart, etc). unless otherwise noted on your Booking Confirmation. Depending on the number of bookings, we also may provide hotel accommodations for smaller events, but this is on a case-by-case basis.

How many days do I have to pay my bill after an event where I’ve booked Talent?

Clients are responsible for paying their invoices in full within 14 business days of the conclusion of the event.

I’ve worked with a model previously before she signed with Everything Formals Model Management, LLC. Can I just contact her to book her again?

No. Upon signing with the Agency, regardless of prior relationship, all bookings must now go through Everything Formals Model Management, LLC.

A Talent I’ve worked with in the past has terminated her contract and contacted me to work with her individually. Can I work with her?

If a Talent is booked multiple times with a designer and then terminates her contract, they cannot work with the Client for two years after the date of termination. We strongly enforce our two-year non-solicitation, which is agreed upon by both the Client and Talent in their respective contracts.

Some Clients have decided to use Talent provided through some of their stores and given the stores an incentive. Should my company do the same thing?

Legally, it could get the store in trouble, as well as the Client. Technically, they are working as a private employment agency and should have a license, especially when it comes to negotiating rates for Talent or receiving any kind of incentive for the referral.

Again we are always here to help make your event successful.