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Editorial Models: Storytelling Through Fashion

In modeling and in print, the term "editorial" is something of an inside thing. If you've been in the business long, you've probably heard the term, but you may not know what it means. Speaking in general terms, editorial means that a piece of content contains an element of commentary, a message, opinion, etc. In modeling, it is a photo or a series of photos that are shot in such a way as to tell a story, deliver a narrative, and so on. Editorials often come in the form of a spread of photos contained in the middle of a magazine. They are presented as something of an intermission. They are glamorous, big, and are usually intended to showcase and sell a premium product by exhibiting it in a glamorous and narrative-driven way. In a standard editorial, a model will wear items from a product line that we want to promote. The images will often be full-page, high resolution, and high quality. Projects like these often pay very well for the model. The model's job is to exude ease, grace, and a sense of motion while wearing the promoted products. They allow the model to showcase her talent and hold the spotlight. They are highly sought-after opportunities.

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